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Study and career entry counseling

Whether you’ve finished school, your Bachelor degree or a Master’s – in the end, you’re always left with the same question. What now? A simple question with an infinite number of answers. Deciding on one of them can be difficult. After all, you are setting the course that will guide your future career.

Career doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. We define “career” as using your skills to the best of your ability and continuing to grow. The requirement for this? Knowing your potential! And above all, knowing yourself! What can I do? What motivates me? What do I need to work well? What is important to me – in work and in life? We explore these questions together in our consulting sessions and at the end of the day we present you with a concrete plan.

Info for...

  • School students

    Individual career counseling for students of all school types

    With your school diploma in the bag there are plenty of possibilities open to you – and just as many question marks. Should I start an apprenticeship or enroll in university? Should I do an internship? Or should I take a gap year and travel abroad? Throughout it all, there is this looming question: What suits me? We can find out the answer together! We analyze your skills and preferences, both work-related and independent of work. The final result is a take-home strategy that you can use as you start your working life.

    A routine counseling session

    Photo: school student with mother talking to one of our consultants
  • College students and dropouts

    Counseling for college students and dropouts

    Whether it makes sense to continue your studies or to gain practical experience first is the question for you as a Bachelor student. Is a gap year an option? Which master's degree is the right one? Should I specialize or reorient myself? 

    Should I leave or stay? The question also arises if you are considering dropping out of your studies. You have decided on one of countless options after graduating from high school. A few semesters have passed, but not your doubts: Was it the right choice? Should I go through with my studies? Or maybe do an apprenticeship first? 

    Our student advisory service will tell you where your individual career path can lead - professionally, personally and honestly.

    A routine counseling session

    Photo: consultant explaining the results using a flipchart
  • Graduates

    Counseling for Bachelor and college graduates

    School exams – done and dusted! Studies – finished! Job – still to come... but which one? And where? And how do I get there? It’s best to take one step at a time. Where you start depends on you, your skills, and your potential. Together we can uncover what lies dormant within you and identify specific fields, jobs and career paths that will allow you to grow and develop. With our help, you can head in the right direction from the very beginning.

    A routine counseling session

    Photo: detailed shot of a flipchart displaying results
  • Parents

    Information for parents

    As a parent, you want your child to be as happy as they are successful in their later career, you want them to have good prospects in the job market and you want them to be able to develop. For your child you obviously want the best. But what is that exactly?  

    Our job is to find that out! We create a detailed profile of your child’s personality and skills and identify their attitudes, strengths and weaknesses. Based on this, we come up with an individually tailored strategy for their career. We define career as making the best use of your personal potential and being able to continually grow – whether it be in research, in the arts, as a lawyer or as a creative director.

    Photo: school student with parents listening to result presentation

    What you can expect from us:

    • Personality analysis including career-relevant characteristics
    • Development of a personal career plan with stations such as gap year, training, studies
    • Individual recommendation list with references to training and courses of study  
    • Concrete naming of suitable universities in Germany and abroad
    • Information on specific study requirements such as final grades (A-levels, SAT scores, UAI), assessments, personality-oriented selection procedures or costs
    • Information on internships, language certificates, application procedures or scholarships
    • Explanation of potential career opportunities
    • Practical examples of individually suitable occupational fields
    • Tips for personal development
    • Recommendations for hobbies and literature
    • Contact point for counseling-related questions for a period of one year

    For you, this means:

    • Certainty about the next steps in your child’s career path
    • An extensive personality profile of your child
    • A summary of their work-related strengths and weaknesses, talents and potential
    • Concrete recommendations and action points
    • Detailed info material for you to “work through”
    • Follow-up consultation service for one year for questions about the consultation day, profile, recommendations and documents.

A routine career counseling session

The early bird...

The career counseling begins in the early morning and comprises different elements, which include interviews, individually tailored modules, a number of personality tests and a cognitive performance process. In this way, we analyze your personal traits, your performance motivation, patterns of behavior and communication, your learning style and temperament.



In personal conversation

Over the course of the entire day of counseling you will be looked after by one of our career consultants exclusively dedicated to your analysis. In personal conversations your consultant will touch on the issues that you have set for the day and take a comprehensive look at your life, your talents and personal preferences. An atmosphere of trust when having this conversation is very important to us.

Our one-on-one principle

Two pairs of eyes see better than one. That is why at Struss & Claussen your consultant discusses your personality profile and your potential profile with another colleague. In doing so, your consultant is sure to factor in all possible perspectives and find the best options and strategies for you. You can rely on our colleagues to handle all information we receive from you with responsibility and care.



The results

In the afternoon your consultant presents you with the results. We recommend you to invite partners or close friends to this final conversation. Based on the findings collected over the course of the day, your consultant will give you concrete recommendations. Together, we set goals and discuss next steps. The final presentation usually takes around one and a half to two hours.

Further reading and follow-up

At the end of the day you receive all the results, recommendations and additional information in the form of documentation. Intended as a reminder, it is prepared in such a way that you can understand all the results and conclusions easily and if needed, delve more deeply into explanations. Once you’ve had a chance to process the day’s impressions, you can use the documentation as a working foundation to get you started.



Sharing Ideas

The consultation is often the starting point in a process of change that isn’t necessarily over in 24 hours. For this reason we continue to accompany you afterwards. After your appointment you can come to us for one year with any questions relating to your career counseling session, applications, job advertisements or deadlines – without additional costs.



Study and career entry counseling (for school and collgege students and graduates) 

Prices include tax

Including 1
year of follow-up

Consultation with a Consultant from the Struss & Claussen team


Add-on: Consultation with a Senior ConsultantCoach / Partner

+ €200 / + €500 / + €900

The colleagues from the Struss & Claussen team provide advice to different extents: Our Senior Consultants focus on advice for school and university students, als well as graduates and young professionals. Our Coaches are contact persons for young adults as well as for clients with professional experience. In addition, they advise specialists and executives for corporate clients and conduct workshops. Our Partners cover the entire range of services from entry-level consulting to consulting for board and management members. Our prices are daily rates and are based on the consulting scope of the respective colleagues.

Included in the price is our follow-up consulting service: For one year after your appointment, you can contact us with questions that arose from the final presentation. Whether it's about the results of the test procedures, the specific recommendations or documents in your personal consulting folder - we'll be happy to help you. If there is a need beyond that, we will be happy to accompany you with offers that tie in with the counseling: application training or individual coaching on topics such as motivation, self-confidence or personality development can be booked with us on an hourly basis. 

With existing customers, we can build on existing knowledge. That's why they receive a 20% discount for each follow-up consultation - for example, a master's or career entry consultation after the study consultation. The discount is personal and non-transferable. It only applies to follow-up consultations and not to other services such as training or coaching. 

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“The greatest thing is not to be this or that but to be yourself.”

— Søren Kirkegaard


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