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Changing your career:

Defining new goals and finding new paths

Career counseling for professionals

“Mondays make me sick” was the headline for the magazine brand eins in 2013 and it resonated with a lot of people. Surveys have been showing for years that around 70 percent of employees are not happy in their job. This is because their job either doesn’t fit their skills or interests, doesn't offer any kind of future or the pay or hours are unappealing. Job dissatisfaction is not the only motivator for a change or a new beginning. Sometimes life just gets in the way. For example, people who take time off to look after their children, to take a sabbatical or to care for a family member may often view their career differently and want a new orientation when they return to work. Often it is not just about the job itself, but about making a holistic, fulfilling plan for your life in which work finds the right place – and that place can change.

Our one-day intensive consultation helps you develop options to suit your potential, values, wants and current situation. The focus of the consultation is set by your opening question. What paths are still open to me? What are my strengths and weaknesses? Do I have hidden talents? How can I improve my leadership style? With our all-encompassing approach we can accommodate any work and life situation. Because of this, no consultation is like any other. Each consultation is tailored to your goals. What remains the same is our aim: to determine the position that supports your personal realization and development.

A routine career counseling session

Initial meeting on the phone

Finding your way to us starts with a phone call. Together with our trained customer service consultants you discuss your work situation and the issue that has lead you to us. Based on this we consult you on our products and introduce you to colleagues that are best suited to your questions and concerns. Thanks to the diversity of our team we are able to cater to your personal and work-related needs right from the start.



Questions to prepare you

In order to make the most of your day with us, we send you a questionnaire and online tests in advance. This groundwork serves two purposes. Firstly, it gives you the opportunity to crystalize your concern and prepare yourself mentally for the day reserved specially for this issue. Secondly, your consultant can begin analyzing your potential so they can utilize the time with you in person for personalized modules.

In personal conversation

Thanks to your pre-filled questionnaire, your day with us won’t feel like you’re being thrown in at the deep-end, but more like a continuation. In personal conversations your consultant will touch on the issues that you have set for the day and take a comprehensive look at your life and work situation. An atmosphere of trust when having this conversation is very important to us. For this reason we place a lot of importance on the protection of your privacy and our discretion.



Well-founded diagnostics

In addition to structured, in-depth interviews we employ a number of suitability diagnostic tests and personality-based psychological tasks. From a pool of modules we select those that correspond to your particular issue. They help us find out what it is that sets you apart, what drives you, what your talents are, your potential and what values influence your actions. Beyond that we examine thought and communication patterns and dedicate ourselves to learning about how you deal with stress and change.

Our one-on-one principle

Two pairs of eyes see better than one. That is why at Struss & Claussen your consultant discusses your personality profile and your potential profile with another colleague. In doing so, your consultant is sure to factor in all possible perspectives and find the best options and strategies for you. You can rely on our colleagues to handle all information we receive from you with responsibility and care.



The results

In the afternoon your consultant presents you with the results. We recommend you invite partners or close friends to this final conversation. Based on the findings collected over the course of the day, your consultant will give you concrete recommendations. These recommendations relate to the conditions and content of future positions as well as things you can work on outside of work. Together, we set goals and discuss next steps. The final presentation usually takes around one and a half to two hours.

Further reading and follow-up

At the end of the day you receive all the results, recommendations and additional information in the form of documentation. Intended as a reminder, it is prepared in such a way that you can understand all the results and conclusions easily and if needed, delve more deeply into explanations. Once you’ve had a chance to process the day’s impressions, you can use the documentation as a working foundation to get you started.



Sharing ideas

The consultation is often the starting point in a process of change that isn’t necessarily over in 24 hours. For this reason we continue to accompany you afterwards. As an integral part of your consultation you receive a one-hour follow-up coaching session. This coaching unit offers you the opportunity to share experiences and consolidate findings. To make the most of the impetus set by your consultation, we recommend you take up your coaching appointment within the first three months after your visit.


Career counseling for professionals

Prices incl. tax

Including 1
hour of follow-up

Consultation with a senior consultant from the Struss & Claussen Team

€ 2,200

Add On: Follow-up coaching, hourly

+ € 220

Consultation with a partner

€ 2,500

Add On: Follow-up coaching, hourly

+ € 250

A one-hour follow-up coaching session is included in the price. We help you clarify any open questions, plan next steps and implement our recommendations. Contact us any time within three months after your consultation to make an appointment for a follow-up coaching session – at no further cost.

For existing clients we can build on established knowledge. For this reason, for any follow-up consultation – such as negotiation coaching – you receive a discount of 20%. The discount is not transferrable.

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“Paths come to exist because we walk them.”

— Franz Kafka


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