Career counseling in Hamburg:

visionary, personal, concrete

There’s a “right job” for everyone

Career – it sounds a lot like the motto faster, higher, stronger. No wonder, as the dictionary defines career as being the “successful advancement in a profession”. So far, so good…yet so incomplete. We think there’s more to career than that. Much more!

For us, career doesn’t just translate to success in your profession but rather to an all-round fulfilling plan for your work and your life. This plan is something we can help you with. Whether you are about to finish school or university, are in the middle of your life or you’re the best in your team: a consultation with us can show you where your skills and strengths lie and in what ways you can best utilize this potential over the course of your career. This is the foundation to a happy and successful life as we understand it.

Find out more on our philosophy

What we stand for: Consulting that is visionary and at the same time accurate, analytical and personal.

What is important to us: Honesty, appreciation and professionalism – in dealing with our clients and in the results of our consultation.

Where our strengths lie: Understanding personalities, making suitable recommendations and knowing the international market for work and education.

A day with us

The way we work

Like pieces of a puzzle, our consultants put together your characteristics, behavior, motivation and talents to form a complete picture of where you could be. All that in one day!

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