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Who am I when I am really myself? What suits me when I develop my potential? What does my life look like when it suits me? As elementary as these questions sound, they are complex. Asking them is the starting point of our work at Struss & Claussen Personal Development; answering them individually is our claim. Our aim is to find the right place for each individual.

Where this could be is a question for young people before graduation as well as for mothers and fathers after parental leave, managers before the next career step or entrepreneurs during the generation change. Their life situations differ, yet they face similar challenges. That is why we have developed an approach with which we advise people of all ages as well as companies and institutions. By combining personality analysis and coaching, we find suitable paths, provide concrete plans and point out visions. On a sound basis, with a holistic view.

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What we stand for: Consulting that is visionary and at the same time accurate, analytical and personal.

What is important to us: Honesty, appreciation and professionalism – in dealing with our clients and in the results of our consultation.

Where our strengths lie: Understanding personalities, making suitable recommendations and knowing the international market for work and education.

New: The book by Ragnhild Struss

Design instead of quitting: Give your job a second chance!

Are you unhappy with your job? Do you feel like you're not doing what you do best? Does the work contradict your values and needs? With Job Crafting you will learn how to find new motivation and satisfaction in your job - by creating a job that matches your personality. You will learn why quitting your job is often not the best solution in case of dissatisfaction, when it is nevertheless necessary and why Job Crafting is beneficial for everyone: for entrepreneurs, for employees and for society.

Ragnhild Struss: „Wie Sie mit Job Crafting Ihre Arbeit wieder lieben lernen“ ("How to Learn to Love Your Work Again with Job Crafting"), now available.

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Like pieces of a puzzle, our consultants put together your characteristics, behavior, motivation and talents to form a complete picture of where you could be. All that in one day!

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