Let’s skype: Our remote video chat consulting service is at the ready!

Although the situation is changing daily, we at Struss & Claussen Personal Development remain full of optimism and drive - these may be uncertain times, but we've by no means lost the joy that comes from our work. Even in these times of crises we remain active and will continue to offer you our study, job and career counseling - both personally here in Hamburg, or via video chat over Skype, Zoom, Facetime and co.

The advantages of a remote consultation

Our video call consultation is ideal for you if:

  • the current situation requires you to be at a specific location and you wish to have the consultation in peace and quiet from there.
  • you live abroad or in a part of Germany that is far away from Hamburg.
  • you are very busy and cannot schedule an entire day for a career consultation.
  • you are (temporarily) less mobile due to health reasons.
  • you would like to share your results presentation with several relatives and/or friends and not all of them are able to travel to Hamburg.
  • you like to use digital services.

We launched our "remote consultation" a number of years ago to support our numerous clients from abroad. This approach is based on our psychological diagnostic test procedure, which you fill out and is processed digitally via our online portal. This approach is just as sound and professional as our on-site consultation. It goes without saying that the most stringent data protection regulations are observed and adhered to.

The essence of the day, despite the physical distance, consists of an individual and personal interview followed by a presentation of the results - both via video call.

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Sequence of the remote consultation

First off: Your consultant will activate a series of personality-based inventories for you in our online portal. You can complete these tests flexibly and at your own pace from wherever you are.

Let’s chat: We will arrange a video call with you: This in-depth, structured interview enables your consultant to make an extensive personal assessment that goes way beyond your test results.

Four eyes see more than two: Your consultant will analyze and discuss your profile with a another consultant so that we can verify your personal assessment and derive the appropriate recommendations - be it for personal, training, academic or career paths. 

The grant finale: In a second video call we will present your personality profile and the recommendations arising from it. We are then at your disposal to answer any and all of your questions that you may have.

It goes without saying that - just as with our analogue services - we remain available for a whole year after a digital consultation to answer any queries at no further cost. We will send you all results of your consultation in digital form, including a photographic documentation of your presentation.

We would be pleased to provide you with further information about this service in a joint telephone call and find out what advantages it could have for you.

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