Career counseling online

simple and flexible via video chat

Digital and close

Struss & Claussen offers all services - from individual study and career counseling to workshops - not only in Hamburg, but also digitally from anywhere. Our aim with online counseling is to be just as personal and close to our customers as we are on site. The feedback we receive from our customers shows that we succeed.


Taking personality tests online 

Several years ago, we introduced online consulting for our customers from abroad, transferring our well-founded approach to the digital world. Here, too, our personality diagnostic test procedures form the basis. As a client, you receive a profile in our online portal and go through a number of tests before the day of the consultation. You can interrupt the process, which takes several hours, at any time and resume it later. Your results are stored centrally. It goes without saying that we adhere to the highest data protection regulations.


Online conversations via video chat 

Online consulting is not only a relief from a technical point of view: In the home environment or at the location of choice, customers are often freer to talk than in an unfamiliar office. This ensures openness and accessibility in the in-depth personal conversations that form the core of our consulting. If you or your companions have busy schedules, online counseling is a practical alternative. There is no stress or expense of travel and overnight accommodations. Everyone involved can participate from different locations. In addition, online counseling offers you the opportunity to record conversations and view them again afterwards to deepen and refresh your knowledge. All documents, such as the evaluations of the test procedures and recommendations, are then available to you digitally.

Your advantages with online consulting

  • Flexibility in preparation
  • Time and cost savings
  • Consultation comfortably from home or the place of choice
  • Participation of several accompanying persons from different locations
  • Recording of the results presentation  
  • Digital documentation of the consultation and the recommendations  


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Sequence of the remote consultation

1. First, your consultant will activate a series of personality-based inventories for you in our online portal. You can complete these tests flexibly and at your own pace from wherever you are. 

2. On the day of the consultation, there will be two video calls with you: The first call is a detailed structured in-depth interview, which helps your consultant to get to know you - beyond your test results - and to assess you personally.

3. Your consultant will then discuss your profile with a senior consultant from our team. This four-eyes principle ensures that all options that are individually suitable for you are included.

4. In the second video call, your consultant will present the results of the potential analysis and the recommendations for your personal and professional development to you and your companions. We take as much time as necessary for this final discussion until all questions have been clarified.

Of course, we also accompany you with online counseling beyond the counseling day: Pupils, students and graduates can contact their counselor free of charge for one year to clarify questions that have arisen from the counseling. For clients with professional experience, we bundle this follow-up counseling into a one-hour follow-up coaching session, which is already included in the price. We recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity within the first three months after the consultation so that you can absorb and implement impulses directly.

We would be happy to inform you about this service in a non-binding telephone call.

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