Everything you need to know about our services

For almost twenty years Struss & Claussen have been helping individuals plan their career paths. For this reason we know that you have just as many questions for us as we have for you during a session. You will find the most common questions here, ordered by topic.


On the consultation

  • What can I expect from the consultation?

    We put together an extensive personality profile that forms the basis of your individual career strategy. We then make concrete and comprehensible recommendations that will contribute toward your personal and professional development. What this means for you is a detailed picture of your strengths and your potential – coupled with tangible ideas about where and how you can be the most effective. You gain assurance in your next steps and the motivation to tackle the issues.

  • What does the consultation include?

    The consultation combines an analysis of your personality with career advice. Together, they merge into a well-founded plan for the future that centers around your personal and professional happiness.

    Our method is to use diagnostic aptitude tests that give us information about your characteristics and temperament, motivation and potential, learning type, behavioral and communication patterns as well as interests. A structured interview with the consultant also gives us important insights enabling us to recognize your potential and come up with the best options. The final presentation includes:

    • Results of the test procedure
    • Suitable educational paths in country and abroad
    • Career entry points and further development opportunities
    • Concrete job profiles
    • Individual career tips

    Every client receives a compilation of the results and recommendations as a hard-copy in a folder. Additionally, we also believe that “after the consultation is before the consultation”. This means that it is important to us to continue to accompany our clients after their consultation. You can come to us with any related questions for up to one year after your consultation – free of charge.

  • When is the best time for the consultation?

    Our consultation is based on the individual personality. Since kids are in the middle of their personal orientation, we provide the consultation beginning at the age of 15. 

    The consultation’s impact is another factor to consider: 2 out of 3 clients leave our session with significantly more motivation than they had before. In order to profit as much as possible from this momentum, you should visit us early enough: We recommend an appointment one and a half year in advance of an apprenticeship or university enrollment.

    We are happy to fulfill your wishes regarding your preferred time for an appointment and consultant.

  • How does the consultation proceed?

    Your day starts at 9am when you meet with your consultant. After that, it is basically question after question. More than 700 questions are waiting for you to be answered – first written and then verbally in a comprehensive conversation with your consultant. After all, we want to understand who you are.

    By the afternoon, all the facets of your personality have been worked through and career options have been explored. Around 4pm you and those closest to you will be presented with the insights from the day and concrete recommendations are made. At the end, you receive all the test results, action plans and additional information to take home with you – prepared in such a way that you can get started immediately. You can find an overview of the process here.

  • I have a fixed consultant?

    Yes. It is important to us that you are looked after by one consultant throughout the day. This way we can guarantee that your consultation is not just based on facts but also on you as a person. You can get a first impression of our team of consultants here

  • What if I have questions afterwards?

    Then we are still there for you! After the consultation you can contact us with any consultation-related questions for a whole year – without further cost. So please get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns about fields, job profiles, application methods, universities or admission requirements. 

For parents

  • My child has ADHD/dyslexia/dyscalculia – can we still come to you?

    We are experienced with working with young people who have ADHD, dyslexia or dyscalculia. Please inform us before the day about your child’s individual needs so that we can tailor the day and each of the consultation modules to your child.

  • As the parent, am I required to be there in the morning?

    No, you aren’t unless you would like to meet your child’s consultant and be there for the introductory conversation. Then of course you are welcome to join!

  • What do I do while my child is in the consultation?

    In close proximity to our offices there are diverse cafes, restaurants and shops. The lake is also walking distance from us. You can get to the inner city in a few minutes by car or public transport. We are happy to give you more tips to make your “waiting time” more comfortable on request.

  • How do I know exactly when the final presentation takes place?

    The time of the presentation is flexible and depends on how much time your child needs to go through the personality tests. The tests, which take place in the second half of the day, have time limits. We are able to tell you by midday when the final presentation will take place. Generally it is between 3.30pm and 5pm.


  • Can I be officially “excused” from school or university?

    We are happy to issue you a written certificate about your participation in the day-long consultation. Please let us know if you need one when you book.

  • What do I have to bring?

    Nothing. Everything we need for our analysis is generated by our test procedures, surveys and personal interviews.

  • How long is the consultation and are there breaks?

    The consultation starts at 9am in our offices and takes the whole day. Naturally, we factor in time for breaks and lunch. We also provide refreshments in the form of chocolate, fruit, small snacks and drinks.

  • Do I have to invite someone to the final presentation?

    Yes and no. We recommend inviting at least one person or several people close to you to the final presentation. This way you have the opportunity to talk about the consultation afterwards and compare the results against your expectations. With younger clients, parents often participate in the final discussion. Other people can include relatives, your partner or friends.

Arrival and Accomodation

  • Are there places nearby to stay overnight?

    There are hotels of different categories in the immediate surroundings. You can find a list of them here. We are happy to recommend a hotel on request.

  • Where can I park my car?

    You can park your car in the underground parking lot that belongs to the building. The entry to the parking lot is on Moorfuhrtweg, directly next to the REWE supermarket. The free allocated spaces are the double-decker spots marked 228 to 233. Please be aware that your vehicle cannot be higher than 1.5m or longer than 4.5m. You can find detailed information on the underground parking here:

  • How do I get to your offices by public transport?

    Our offices are located in the urban area of Hamburg and easy to reach by public transport. In the immediate surrounds of our offices at 15 Moorfuhrtweg there are bus stops for the bus lines 6 and 25. You can easily plan your journey online.

Prices: Consultation

Student counseling/career and job consulting, all-day

Prices include tax

School and university students, graduates
Study and career entry counseling with a Counselor + one year follow-up counseling service

€ 1,800

Add-on: Consultation with a Senior Consultant / Coach / Partner

+ € 200 / + € 500 / + € 900

Consulting for young professionals with a Senior Consultant + 1 hour follow-up coaching

€ 2,000

Add-on: Consultation with a Coach / Partner

+ € 300 / + € 700

Consulting for professionals with a Coach + 1 hour follow-up coaching

€ 2,300

Add-on: Consultation with a Partner

+ € 400

The colleagues from the Struss & Claussen team provide advice to different extents: Our Consultants focus on advice for school and university students, als well as graduates. Senior Consultants are also dedicated to young professionals. Our Coaches are contact persons for young adults as well as for clients with professional experience. In addition, they advise specialists and executives for corporate clients and conduct workshops. Our Partners cover the entire range of services from entry-level consulting to consulting for board and management members. Our prices are daily rates and are based on the consulting scope of the respective colleagues.

Included in the price is our follow-up consulting service: After the appointment, school and university students, as well as graduates can contact us for a year with questions about the consulting day, the profile, the recommendations and documents - at no extra cost. For clients with professional experience, a one-hour follow-up coaching session is included in the price. If there is a need beyond this, we are happy to accompany our clients with offers that tie in with the consultation: job application training or individual coaching on topics such as motivation, self-confidence or personality development can be booked on an hourly basis. 

For existing clients, we can build on existing knowledge. For this reason, for any follow-up consultation you will receive a 20% discount. This offer is valid for the relevant client only and cannot be exchanged or transferred. It only applies to follow-up consultations and not to other services such as training or coaching. 

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Coaching (job application training, negotiation coaching etc.), hourly

Prices include tax

School and university students, graduates
Coaching with a Consultant from the Struss & Claussen team

€ 180

Add-on: Coaching mit einem*einer Senior-Berater*in / Coach*in / Partner*in

+ € 20 / + € 50 / + € 90


€ 200

Add-on: Consultation with a partner

+ € 30 / + € 60

Prices for companies

Prices excluding taxes

We are happy to tailor an offer specifically to your concrete needs. Calculations are based on our daily and hourly rates as well as prices for test procedures and evaluations.

1. Consulting for professional & managerial staff: from € 2,300

2. Consulting for board & management members: € 2,700

3. Workshops for teams and groups: daily rate per trainer

4. Lectures: prices on request  


The services we provide at Struss & Claussen are as diverse as the concerns of our customers. Every day, we help people find the right perspectives for their personal and professional development. In our magazine, you can read about how we go about this and what motivates our clients.
In it, we accompany two young people as they navigate their way through a jungle of future options and fears, and ask their parents whether the counseling they receive helps them find their way. In the magazine, experienced clients describe their motivation for coming to us and the impetus they took home with them. We also travel with a woman who discovered a profession through Struss & Claussen that she did not even know existed. In addition, we report on topics and projects to which we devote ourselves for B2B customers and introduce the people behind "Struss & Claussen Personal Development". 

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